Manufacturer of engineered plumbing products 

Emergency drench systems 

Vacuum plumbing systems

Lead ingot and solder 

Tankless electric water heaters 

Copper flanges 

Fine furnishings for kitchens and baths 

Access doors and roof flashing assemblies 

FastPipe estimating software 

Faucets, fixtures and drains 

Decorative sensor faucets and flush valves 

Pre-engineered modular buildings, drinking fountains/water coolers and water hydrants 

Acid waste and high purity polypropylene piping

Advanced PP-RCT piping systems 

Pipe sealants and adhesives, Clean Check backwater valves, and Metacaulk fire stopping products

Grease, oil and solids separators 

Specification drainage products, pre-sloped trench drain systems, siphonic roof drains and rainwater harvesting products 

Commercial faucets and equipment 

Acorn Terrazzo mop and shower bases

 PEX-a piping systems

Hospital and therapy products 

Pipe support products