Without them, the connection of lines and plant equipment such as chillers, filters, control valves and backflow preventers are a nightmare - especially if ready access is unavailable to any component for installation or maintenance.

A new and easier way of fitting flanged equipment is always welcome.

The CTS Copper Companion Flange, a fully floating flange, is such a logical development in copper tube installation that it is hard to believe that no one has thought of it before.

The concept is very simple.  Instead of having to install a brass companion flange that requires careful alignment of bolt holes during brazing, the CTS Copper Companion Flange uses a copper fitting brazed/soldered directly to the copper tube, backed by a fully floating powder coated steel flange fitted with a neoprene insulator.  The integral insulator allows the CTS flange to offer 100% protection against electrolysis.

For more information about CTS please visit http://ctsflange.com/USA/